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In front of the cabinet. Already dressed, ready to go out, we try something more, something that distinguishes us, that makes the choice of that simple t-shirt into a sophisticated one, which gives a touch of color or elegance: an accessory.
In 2016 accessories that can change and refresh your wardrobe are the technological jewels.

What’s that?
They are devices that are able to blend aesthetics, feminine needs and technology. Jewels that let you control some notifications as calls, messages, or calendar alerts without always checking your phone. They are the most stylish and fashionable way of being contemporary.

Undoubtedly for now the most popular are the clocks: smartwatch. We began to speak of them in the ‘80, despite would indicate something quite different from what we imagine today, not connected to the phone and not able to send any kind of signals.
Now we have a multiple choice!

Pebble is something we have to try: it was the first economic smartwatch, an immediate success. The next model coming to the market is Pebble Time Round, the most light and thin smartwatch in the world, the unusually classical design for this brand, which will be available on the market in November 2016. The only disadvantage could be the battery that
in order to be so thin will have a duration of only two days, but it will also have the possibility to charge enough for a day in fifteen minutes.

Two other brands that have designed watches worthy of the best evenings and at the same time super technological are Fossil and Mondaine with their Q Grant models and Helvetica Smartwatch 1, respectively. Both allow you to interact with applications on the phone and notify the most important things. Mondaine then can boast of being the first Swiss smartwatch! With a quartz mechanism and a classic elegance but with the characteristics of a smartwatch.

Among the bracelets stands MICA, Made with 18 karat gold, semiprecious stones and a small screen that reports the notifications even remotely from your smartphone. This is nothing new (it is on the market since 2014), but it is still among the bests and it’s very practical because it has a Linux system specially adapted.

But if our goal in choosing a technological jewelry instead of a normal one is to keep us feeling safer, there are good news. If going back home alone in the evening scares, with Cuff we can be able to send an SOS message with our coordinates (recorded via GPS) and any other information to some previously selected contacts by pressing a side button for a few seconds.

Finally, among the details that stand out in clothing of a woman there are rings: rich of meanings or simply beautiful.
How not to think about Ringly, with its vintage look and semiprecious stones that hide modernity gracefully? Or the creation born thanks to a collaboration between Ungaro and Omate who team up to create a very elegant ring, which recalls the thought of all women about the inner circle, the circle in its complexity and simplicity?

Those are some inspirations, but the choice between technological devices designed for women is increasing, and more and more accessible, so let’s discover them!