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Remidi: Capture the music around you

Have you ever thought of being able to turn everything around you into a musical instrument?
Thanks to Remidi, the first wearable musical instrument, now you can.
What is it and how does it work?

Remidi is a simply glove that, when worn, will allow you to play music in your head just touching a surface and transforming the vibrations into sounds.

It consists in an elaborate tracking system that allows the device to track the movements of the hand and to associate them with a sound, changing also the intensity. The object is divided into three components: a bracelet, a magnetic connector and, of course, a glove. The mind of the product is in the bracelet: an electronic board with three basic controls that let you interact with the software; the glove, has eight pressure sensors, including five on the fingertips and three on the palm.
The effects and sound modulation are managed by the wheel on the bracelet, the encoder, which allows to change the endless possibilities of the musical world and manages user-configured choices.
The sensors can be associated with notes through the app available for PC, smartphone and tablet, mode for bluetooth or wi-fi. The motion sensors play a very important role: allow the artist to change a sound already started by simply moving the hand or wrist. The real innovation is not only in playing music wearing a “common” glove and the player knows it very well: with Remidi you have the possibility to translate and record any pace without having to spend time in the replicating of it with a tool making immediate the creative process.

The history

The two founders are from Turin and their team is made up of 4/5 Italians. It is an idea that was born at the university and developped, starting in 2015, through a contest and an accelerator in Lisbon, ending with the winning of the Marzotto Prize in 2015. Now they are in Austin, Texas, with a campaign on Kickstarter which doubled the target, but it will not end here: although for now they are focusing on music and the technology used for their project could be applied in a multitude of fields (from gaming to biomedical): therefore, we just have to wait and see!