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With the second edition of the WTT we once again have the hackathon, the programming marathon which will last thirty-two hours (12-13th of November) at the I3P of Turin in Via Pier Carlo Boggio 59. Also this year the event’s partners will support the organizers by contributing in hardware, software and much more.




The hackathon is part of the “Make it Wearable” path, along with the “Wearable Business Ideas” contest: the goal is to actively involve technology and innovation fans. Make it Wearable was created with the intent of giving a fair, such Wearable Tech Turin, the dynamism which is typical of the technology industry. In order to participate in the Hackathon, you have to register on the official website. Participants may apply as a team (4-8 members) or individually; in the second case you will have to join one of the teams during the presentation of ideas at the beginning of the competition. Teamwork will be the key to develop the best project and heterogeneous teams from a personal skills point of View are recommended: a hardware and a software expert, a designer and someone with entrepreneurial skills. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be excel in all these roles because there will be mentors to support the teams during the competition. In addition, the jury will not only assess the technical aspects but also the originality of the idea, the relevance to the wearable theme, the economic feasibility and the presentation of the idea. In short, a good opportunity to work in a group that simulates a project that involves the various departments of a company.




To get to the heart of the hackathon it is useful to say that there will be a division of the projects: you can choose between hardware or software projects. In the first case, the goal of the team will be the creation of a prototype that shows the functionality of a solution in the hardware field thanks to the electronic material provided by our partner company STMicroelectronics. In the second case, Google Developer Group will make available to the participants smartwatches on which you can test the application your are creating.  Along with these two important international realities, RedBull and 32 Via dei Birrai will offer a drink to all participants. So you code and have fun with friends. Moreover, a large contribution is made by I3P, where the hackathon will take place, and Treatabit, organizer of the event along with JEToP. The work done by the teams will be awarded: the award for the best hardware project will receive € 500 in vouchers to spend on the purchase of material useful to the development of the idea on the online store Element 14; the best software idea will be rewarded with a wearable device based on Android Wear and € 150 of advertising on Google Play to launch its own application. Moreover, I3P will give one of the participating teams, and not necessarily the winners, the opportunity to enjoy a period of free pre-incubation.


It will be a great event, now it’s time to Make it Wearable!