Alessandra Nucci


Administrator at Enbelive


Degree in Political Science with Economics major- Università Cattolica Specialization in Marketing – Bocconi University

Master in Applied Nutrition and Dietetics – Politecnico di Marche

Consolidated experience in Sales and Marketing in Telecommunications and Internet sectors. Alessandra is involved with start-ups, since 2000.

Since 2005, she is an entrepreneur and is directly involved in the creation of companies.

Deals with nutrition education programs for schools and has published articles for Effequ “Perterra. Cultivating the value of food “and” It’s a country for children. Looking for Agriculture, Food and Environment”.

She is currently CEO of Enbelive, innovative start-up with a social vocation and she follows the Sales Department of Ennova.


Technology can become an instrument for improving the urban environment in which we live and the quality of life of citizens, especially children and elderly.

CHILD EXPLORER uses technology as a fun tool available to children to enhance their independence and to strengthen safety.

CHILD EXPLORER is a comprehensive service that includes a web platform, a mobile application and a gamification system that, in combination with MoveTime Track & Talk Watch Alcatel improves the autonomy of movement of children and their

awareness of a healthy lifestyle.

Children wear MOVETIME Track & Talk Watch and the parents can follow their children on an interactive map on their smartphone thanks to the Child Explorer APP. MOVETIME Track&Talk Watch is a small watch that contains a SIM which allows children to call and to be called by certain numbers that are pre-set by the parents through the APP.

MOVETIME Track&Talk Watch includes GPS, GSM network and WiFi connection to locate the child. Thanks to its lightweight design, MOVETIME Track&Talk Watch is comfortable to wear and the battery lasts up to four days.

Technology must be fun, easy and rewarding to be able to transform the IOT in a really effective and pervasive tool. Child Explorer through the gamification platform, stimulates and rewards children who move on foot.

Next to technology there should be useful and easy to use services. That is why the goal of the site is to become the point of delivery of digital and physical services in support to the independence and safety of children and of the family.