Alessandro Zomparelli


Cofounder and designer at MHOX


Saturday 10:30 – 12:00

Anatomical alterations



Alessandro Zomparelli is co-founder and designer at MHOX, generative design studio.

His education in engineering and architecture led him to explore the opportunities of computational design combined with 3D-printing and other digital fabrication technologies. Through digitally programmed rules design can develop and adapt to different conditions, different needs and different territories, from architecture to the human body.

In 2014 along with other professionals he founded the brand Carapace Project, which develops and sells accessories made by generative design and 3D-printing technologies.

Parallel to his design activities, he is a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and holds various workshops as a member of Co-de-iT.

He also participated in various educational programs including AA Visiting School Jordan, AA Visiting School Dubai, Domus Academy, Naba.


Computational design allows you to process information in order to generate forms and processes with different degrees of efficiency. In the design of wearable devices, anatomical information clearly plays a crucial role.

Through the use of Blender (3D open-source modeling software) we will analyze some complex geometry management techniques that can easily adapt to the variability of the human body.