Alessia Moltani

Alessia Moltani



After completing high school Alessia Moltani did her specialization at the Marangoni Institute in Milan. Working between Europe and India she accumulated a great experience in textile and fashion design, developing, specifically, a strong interest in new materials and new wearable technologies.
Since 2007 she deals with sensor-fitted, high-tech fabrics, specializing in “wearable” monitoring systems and in the many applications in the health and wellness sector.
In 2009 she started a fruitful collaboration with neonatal nursery and some university research groups: the result was the Howdy wearable system for monitoring the newborn in the early stages of life, now became a medical device. Co-inventor of five patents in the smart garments field, since 2010 she is the director of Comftech, an innovative company specialized in fabrics with sensors and wearable, non-invasive monitoring systems, dedicated to vulnerable people for business and home.


The garments are a natural and comfortable platform for the integration of reliable, and non-invasive textile sensors: they may therefore offer a continuous, wireless monitoring, and at the same time “hidden” and not felt by the user. The comfort and the feeling of well-being are indeed essential characteristics of garments and the integration with textile sensors makes it a reliable monitoring tool even in prolonged use. The Textile-based monitoring systems with sensors thus combine the concept of “cure” and the concept of “care” and are especially useful in monitoring situations of vulnerable people, both for business and at home.
Comftech presents wearable medical devices for infants and children and the latest solutions for the elderly, that have as their core technology textile sensors integrated in specifically designed clothing, coupled to a remote transmission device, and to software for interpretation and data storage.
It also explores the new possibilities created by the combination of physical and biochemical textile sensors.