Stefano Giacone


CEO of Pixide (


Stefano Giacone is a mathematician from Turin, a tech and startup enthusiast. Stefano is always looking for new adventures: from diving to parachuting but also trips in the desert with nothing but a backpack. His mission is to bring emotions into people’s daily lives using photos and videos as a channel. On his channel you can find creative ideas and photos that will tickle your tastebuds. Currently Stefano, together with a team of 7 other people, is working on Pixide, a photo contest app that will change the way the public interacts with pictures.


The goal is to play down the stereotypes that stop people from jumping into a startup.
Here are some of the points that will be discussed (some are more or less standard for those who know the world of startups, but I like to reinterpret them based on my experience)
1. The idea isn’t the only thing that counts
2. The importance of the team and the different skills: there are no responsibilities that are more important than others.
a. notes: the question “what is the most important role in the team?”
3. The importance of failure (and of taking responsibility for it)
4. The world of startups is vast, we must go beyond the usual famous examples (FB, MS, Apple, …)
5. The importance of networking
a. Notes: demolish the idea that “only those who have the knowledge are able”, airy example