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When wearable force you to run

Recent reports match Juventus players with wearable technology. In fact the new Italian champions are forced to wear a device on their wrist that will keep track of their physical activity during summer holidays.

How does it work

Juventus decided to use this technology to monitor their players during summer training programs. Excluding players called up by their national teams for Euro 2016, the members of the team will be monitored by coach Allegri and the rest of the technical staff through these special bracelets. These wearables issued by the sponsor are able to detect movements and athletic performances and then send the data directly to the coach via smartphone or PC. What was once a simple piece of paper with written down the exercises to be done, now has become digitalized, allowing the coach to, day after day, follow from a distance the preparation of his men.

It’s very helpful

From a professional point of view, an athlete wants to in the best shape possible and at the same time enjoy the sun and relaxin on the beach. The implementation of such a device will provide the players with an incentive to train constantly and to follow the custom preparation program that has been specially drawn up for them by the technical staff. On the other hand, if once the laps recorded by the stopwatch and the extra kilograms pointed out the neglect of the athletes, today you can almost instantaneously reprimand lazy players. This is a method which may make it possible to shorten the fitness recovery time, as it is no longer necessary to postpone it all until after the holidays. Allegri in the interview on Fabio Fazio’s program ironically said that this system would work unless the players make a hamster run in their place. You are warned: if this summer you see a hamster running down the beach you just have to warn the Juventus coach.