Alessandro Curioni


Esperto sicurezza delle informazione e autore del libro “Come pesci nella Rete”


The internet connection of billion of objects, from televisions to thermoelectric centrals controllers, redefines constantly the boundaries of cybercrime.

Esteems talk about 5 billions devices, others are up to 24 billions, and many more will be the objects connected to the Big Net within 2020. The big promise of the IoT, the Internet Of Things, to free us from prosaic activities as shopping, picking up a dress, choosing a film to watch and so on is going to happen. Televisions, washing machines, fridges, cars and everything you can imagine are going to modify our habits and relieve us from these pressing tasks: with any smartphone and a social network, by now you may not forget any birthday, by tomorrow you will already have your present for the party, without even knowing it.
This means that every object we use will be probably remotely controlled and software handled, so basically it will be very similar to a personal computer, inheriting therefore all the risks.
In a future not so distant, hackers and pranksters might acquire the control, damage or hijack them leading to a telematic siege.