Talk & Workshop

Do you know that the first example of wearable technology dates back to 1959?

Have you ever thought about how communication will change in the transition from smartphones to wearable devices or how apps woulds look like “on” you?

The Iron Man suit exists: can you believe it? It can help thousands of people!

This is the goal of the 48 hours of the WTT: to talk about the past, the present and the future of wearable technology.

Through a series of talks given by innovators, researchers and entrepreneurs - you will discover the history of wearables in the following fields:

Future & Innovation

Start-Up & New Economy

Medical & Wellness

Fashion & Smart Textiles


Stefano Giacone

CEO di Pixide

AllGoRhythm Studios

Team of game development

Maddalena Mometti

Designer and design researcher

Mauro Marinoni

Researcher at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna

Abdel Adim `smaury` Oisfi

Co-CEO @ Shielder

Omar El Hamdani

Co-CEO @ Shielder

Gabriele Peiretti

CTO @ Shielder

Paolo Giai

Penetration Tester @ Shielder

Alessandro Mantelero

Professor of Private Law and Innovation & International Transactions Law

Marco Minerva

Microsoft MVP, Co-Founder and CTO at OrdEat, Owner of Sharp Design

Riccardo Cappello

Technical Manager @Vivido / COO @Vivido Software