Stefano Terna


CTO IOTTLY – startup 2i3T


TomorrowData has built Iottly, a development tool to speed up industrial IoT projects requiring a high degree of safety and reliability, and involving devices which are hard to reach.

The production, service and commercial proposition of operating machines and tools can be optimized by connecting them to the Internet. However, the development of secure and robust IoT systems turns out to be difficult and expensive.

Iottly standardizes the development of IoT systems in the field by providing a safe and reliable sandbox on devices, the ability to program devices remotely and by managing the firmware lifecycle.

Iottly generates savings for at least 40% of total project costs, hence enabling the access of IT players to the 70,000 SMEs (italian market) operating in the industry market, asking for connected products.

System Integrators, Software Houses and IT Freelancers who are asked by their customers to develop a growing number of Internet of Things industrial projects, can be committed even without an adequate level of competence.