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We tried the Xiaomi Mi band, a low-cost bracelet that can monitor your movement and the quality of sleep. The device is not the latest in the market, but it is certainly an economic wearable, suitable for those who want to be technological without spending too much money.


Easy, simple and cheap. The bracelet is composed of three parts: a snare, a case and a USB cable for recharging the battery. To get started, you need to download the official app and set the data (sex, weight, height) to provide the cuff parameters needed. The bracelet sends data to the phone via Bluetooth, and from the application you can check if you reach the desired objectives, how you walk, how many calories you burn. In short, just a few grams to the wrist (it’s really light!) can monitor our daily physical activity and compare it with the past statistics. The bracelet has no monitors and it communicates with the user through the vibration, but don’t worry about being hassled by the notifications of your wearable: you can customize the types of alerts you want to receive. For example, I allowed the bracelet to vibrate when I receive a call and when my daily goal of steps is achieved. It is not invasive at all. In addition, if you are an offsite student and you go back home by car or train, your bracelet will not distort the statistics by scoring hundreds of kilometers in a few hours.

A further important function is the monitoring of sleep. The Xiaomi Mi band is able to define the quality of your sleep.


Founded in 2010 by the Chinese entrepreneur Lei Jun, the Xiaomi has quickly become known for its low-cost smartphone models, as Xiaomi Mi1. But how the creation of Lei Jun can offer quality products at lower prices than the competitors? There are many factors and we can only make some assumptions, but it is useful to focus on the company’s founding date in 2010. The Xiaomi was born recently and has not a glorious past of innovation as many of its competitors, and to succeed in the technology market, the company has adopted new ruses.

How can I attract customers in a business where there are important competitors that offer quality at low prices? Lowering the selling price of my products. It means that if my rivals and I have the same costs but I want customers come to me and not to him, I’ll accept to earn less by offering lower prices. This doesn’t mean that Xiaomi has constant losses, but for the moment the company is satisfied to earn less money to reach more customers. As tech lovers we just have to take advantage from that.